The “Weinhaus Happ” in Herzog-Friedrich-street, looks back on a long history, because already over 600 years ago in 1484 a certain Mr. Hans Frettner was mentioned as owner of the house. In the following centuries it changed its owner a few times, one of them was the first beer-proprietor Martin Juffinger (1783 “zum Meraner”). 1874 the next owner sold it to the man where it got it’s today’s name from: Franz Happ


Happ ordered the house evakuate to have it renovated. Everybody moved out except the tailor living on the fourth floor. So it happened that the house broke down the following night. His wife was injured and had to be brought to the hospital, but the tailor himself landed unhurt on the heap of depris with his sewing machine and his canary. He was so grateful to have survived such an accident without being hurt, that he always wore a cylindre hat in town from this day on. Happ was not only famous for his wines, his food and service. High up in the mountains, dreamlike, in the thicket next to a spring called “Sillenschmidquelle” – he had erected a therapeutic bath, which was also mentioned in Emperor Maximilian’s hunting book.

Everyone who spoke about this therapeutic spring, praised the wonderful scenery and the unique view to the montains and the valley. And – again – the “Weinhaus Happ” got a new owner. Happ’s sister married a member of the – in the musiciancircles well known – family Pfrezschner, who just let it run by tenants. One of them (Jakob Riedl) bought it, leased it also until Maria Schwarz (birth name Riedl) took over the house in 1921. She let it alter by the famous architect Franz Baumann. The Baumann-style of the furniture has kept until today.

Maria Schwarz died in decembre 1960. Her daughter and her granddaughter continued the inviting, friendly kind of hospitality which she was famous for. In 1999 the family Furtner took over the “Weinhaus Happ”.